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        Company Culture
        • Mission

          Mission:To combine technology and art making living more comfortable and healthy.

          We should keep in mind that our business is to make people's lives healthier and more comfortable, and that we will never rest in our efforts toward this end! Art guides our soul, science guides our creations. This is our source of innovation.

        • Vision

          Vision:To become the most popular seating provider globally.

          To become the world's most outstanding supplier of chairs and China's preferred chair brand. To be the fairest and most trustworthy partner in the supply chan. To be the best platform for our employees to grow in.

        Core Values
        Core values:Empowering Clients,Faithful and Conscientions,Emphasis on Quality,Dare to Innovation,Know How to Improve。
        Empowering Clients
        Empowering Clients
        To actively discern the explicit and implicit needs of our clients and respond to them within 24 hours. To exceed the client's demands and strive to satisfy the client. To deliver high-quality products and services on time, strive to achieve high value, and help the client succeed.
        Faithful and Conscientions
        Faithful and Conscientions
        Frank and direct communication; follow up on our word; daring to take responsibility in order to stop problems from multiplying is the beginning of the solution to any issue and the key to using talent in a good way.
        Emphasis on Quality
        Emphasis on Quality
        When product quality clashes with cost, speed, delivery, or the product’s reliability and technological sophistication, quality will always take precedence. Never tolerate, produce, or deliver products that do not meet our standards. 
        Dare to Innovation
        Dare to Innovation
        Encourage innovation but oppose blind innovating. Innovation should focus on the end client's demands. Focusing on small innovations and encouraging innovation that improves on existing designs lead to a greater chance of success. 
        Know How to Improve
        Know How to Improve
        Find ways to solve and improve issues by looking at the real situation. Use our eyes to solve big issues and our hands to solve minor issues. When all employees participate, leanness leads to improvement. “Is this really a good way of doing this? Is there a better way?” 
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